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Psychology AI

How Skunq can help your organisation

Build Psychological Strength

Address such issues as absenteeism & presenteeism due to mental ill health. Boost productivity and innovation as you strengthen psychological wellbeing through coaching and counselling for all.

Tailored Solutions

Our unique technology enables the build of tailored psychology solutions for each user. Our ethically-sourced data gives your organisation information and insights to develop a fully-engaged workforce.

Global Accessibility

Our multi-platform, multi-device solution gives every employee 24/7 access to psychology support. All interactions, information and insights are delivered in easy-to-absorb narratives.

Complete Data Capture

Skunq's underlying technology enables clients to capture & clean massive volumes of unstructured data, including metadata regarding psychology, communications and behaviour.

Data & Human Analytics

We deliver insights to clients - answering "what happened?, "why did it happen?", "what can happen next?", and "what happens if-" to give you back control of your data and information.

Financial ROI

Our technology and insights deliver a return on investment manifesting itself in terms of revenue, innovation, psychological safety, improved team dynamics, and different psychology, behaviour and communications.


With a focus on prescriptive data & human analytics, Skunq specialises in Psychology AI.

Skunq builds technology solutions based around psychology.

Our cognitive framework is based on Nobel Prize-winning theory and our first application is an AI Therapist which provides 24/7 mental health support to employees.

Our advisory board comprises a Professor in Philosophy & Ethics; a Doctor of Philosophy in AI; digital transformation consultants; psychologists; communications consultants and behavioural scientists.

Any new product developed by Skunq has to satisfy the commercial, technical and ethical guidelines of the business.

Team Members

Sue Smith MBE
Sue Smith MBE

A highly experienced former local government CEO, Sue is Chair of the UK's largest self build housing development and the Senior Independent NED of Swim England.

She is the Vice President of the Confederation of Chinese Business (UK) and a Chartered Director and Fellow of the Institute of Directors.

Priyesh Patel, MBE DL
Priyesh Patel, MBE DL
Managing Director

Priyesh has almost 25 years experience as Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the food & beverages industry. Strong business development professional.

Board Trustee of LOROS and Deputy Lieutenant of Leicestershire.

Michelle Fogarty
Michelle Fogarty
Co-Founder & Operations Director

With almost 25 years working in both public and private sector organisations, Michelle set up her first business in 1995.

She has worked on a freelance basis as well as set up her own enterprise before co-founding Skunq in 2019.

Neil Fogarty
Neil Fogarty
Co-Founder & Commercial Director

Neil has 30 year's commercial experience with startups, scaleups, SMEs and Multi-National Corporations.

After selling his first multi-million pound business in 2000, he has been involved in corporate psychology, behaviour and communications as an engine for corporate growth.

Our Solutions

Psychology, Behaviours, and Communications lie at the heart of our technology. As we are committed to building on the narratives produced (Intelligence Augmentation), we work with you beyond the technology as you explore insights and develop new strategies.

Prescriptive Analysis

Our technology portfolio is focused on making it easy to understand what happened, why it happened, what will happen next and what could happen with your intervention.

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Executive Insights

Skunq is an Intelligence Augmentation company. Engage with your Insight Consultant: use comparative information as you make sense of the information and explore 'what next'.

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Strategy Development

Once you have 'played with the data' and talked it through with your Insight Consultant, our experienced Facilitators lead you through the process of developing the strategy.

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