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A Specialist Partner For You

There is more to producing AI than technology.

We appreciate that it can be hard at times to maintain the motivation for an idea and, when you’re coding, you’re not putting as much time to the hustling.  You need someone working with you who can push you on and also take on the corporate activities.

Our executive team has experience of building enterprises through collaboration.  Our expertise ranges from start-up, through growth and on to divestment.  Members of the team have experience of growth and leadership of corporate teams in both public and private sectors.


Your Commercial Engine

We know that a successful enterprise needs to leverage different skills. You will have the technical know-how: developing Artificial Intelligence solutions.

In return, we provide the full corporate support mechanism for you to take your proof of concept out of the lab.

Taking your technology into the commercial realm can be daunting.

If you consider pitching for finance; legal engagement; sourcing premises; recruiting staff; finding clients; sales & support; revenues and profits... the list is endless and it can be a distraction.

Skunq specialises in the building your commercial engine so that you can focus on your product development.

We have a number of ways in which to work with you and try to be as flexible as possible in taking your product to market.

The key thing is that we have the experience and background to build the business.

Skunq's management team has over 100 years' experience in the commercial world including startups and scaleups. We work with entrepreneurs around the globe as they look to transform their dreams into reality.

Our Mission

Bring Your AI Project To Life

Our background is in starting and scaling enterprises.

Along the way, this has also meant intervention and turnaround to help get organisations back on track.

This means that we have had a lot of dealings with acquisition, divestment, mergers - and the many issues of psychology, leadership, team building and engagement.

Currently, a great deal of our work is in Psychology AI with AI-Hard components.


Management Team

Neil Fogarty


Sue Smith


Ian McLaren Wallace

Product Director

The Commercial Engine

Structure For Growth


Legal Frameworks


Market Validation & Pricing


Funding Your Technology