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Skunqtech Launches

Skunq is a European enterprise specialising in bringing Artificial Intelligence solutions to the global market

Artificial Intelligence Incubator & Accelerator launches

Skunqtech launches its Skunq global AI incubator and accelerator.


LONDON, UK, March  2, 2018 – Skunqtech Limited has launched as an incubator and accelerator of Artificial Intelligence solutions from its base in the UK and has begun work on its first project, an AI Psychotherapist.

“We have met with a wide range of entrepreneurs working on some very interesting and disruptive ideas but it was obvious from the get-go that Human Space was going to be the one.” says Neil Fogarty, CEO of Skunqtech.

“We recognise that many Proofs of Concept (POCs) falter due to an inability to take the technology through to productivity (paying clients) or a lack of commercial awareness that meant the technology simply ran out of money.  Skunq has been established to give tech entrepreneurs a framework for success.”
(Neil Fogarty, Skunq)


Co-founder Michelle Fogarty says, “we were looking at companies with a product at TRL5 – something with proven feasibility but still not fully developed.  Importantly, it has to have the ability to disrupt a large and established market.”

From the commercial aspect, Skunqtech reviewed organisations with a simple ownership structure and the opportunity to acquire full Intellectual Property Rights in Year Three.

The first agreement in place is with Human Associates led by the award-winning psychologist Ian McLaren Wallace.

Wallace’s work in conceptual mapping and Natural Language Understanding has led to the development of a human cognitive framework with multiple Use Cases.

Skunq is now working with Human to move the first Use Case out of the laboratory and into beta by the end of September 2019.

“I love the fact that I am working with people who are as passionate about my ideas as I am.  I can leave them to get on with all of the business stuff while I concentrate on the technology and psychology of the product.”

(Ian McLaren Wallace, Human Associates)

About Skunqtech

Skunqtech is a UK-based company operating under the brand ‘Skunq’, working with Artificial Intelligence entrepreneurs looking to bring their products into live production.

The Skunqtech executive team builds the commercial viability of the product, Skunqtech’s advisory board focuses on building ethical and technical viabilities.

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