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A Model For Collaboration


To Go Fast, Go Alone

Go Far, Go Together

The founders of Skunq have bootstrapped all of their businesses and have had to learn the art of collaboration.

Whether this is developing collaborative intelligence within client sites or a company with two employees securing a $1bn contract in West Africa, we understand the need to work together to achieve great things.

When you work with Skunq, we don't just free you up to do what you best, but give you complete support to get out of the lab.

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‘The Meeting’

The first conversations can always be the hardest: everybody on their best behaviour and not wanting to give away too much until we get to know each other better.

We view the first conversations to be there to establish credibility and build trust.

It’s a time for good coffee!

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‘The Vision’

Any successful collaboration relies upon shared visions – we need to understand what your ambitions are for your Artificial Intelligence and that our vision is aligned.

There’s never any harm in having different visions – it may be that we don’t agree on a way forward, or we develop a new way forward.

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‘Legal Frameworks’

It’s inevitable with any good idea, that it needs protecting.

We start with a Non-Disclosure Agreement that enables us to go over your business plan and financial forecasts (if you have them) and to also see what technology you already have in play.

Beyond this, we set in place the legal framework that enables us to incubate and accelerate your AI ideas and to take them to the global markets.

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The early stages of our collaboration are focused on incubating your AI.

We want to see what are the inputs, the processing, algorithm learning and outputs – building your complete technical stack.

This may include access to our own technology teams as we work on algorithms, training data sets, UI and more.

Our global partners are in such locations as Egypt, Romania, Kenya and Nepal – all working to take you out of the lab, into demo and on to Beta.

We then review your AI against our Commercial, Ethical and Technical guidelines before Acceleration.

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As we take the product into Demo phase, we are thinking about how to engage with your customers.

At this stage, our partners in branding, sales & marketing and client engagement are all oriented to build a compelling message.

We are focusing on the problem and the solution; the pricing model; a formative Beta program and more.

There may be a need to look at the commercial, ethical or technical aspects of your AI – something for you to work on!

Whilst you work on the Beta; refining training data; improving the UI and algorithms, we ensure that there’s a market primed for your AI.

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‘High Growth’

At each step of your journey, we are funding your activity – and this means that we are just as focused on your success as you are.

Our approach is to always look at global growth.  To achieve this, we are already developing a network of offices in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and North & South America.  

We give you a footprint into a region and the legal, financial, and HR support for high growth.